Global Manufacturing Safety – A New York Timesreport on a fire in a Bangladesh factory found glaring safety gaps in the supply chain of Western brands, including Walmart. In total, 112 workers were killed in a blaze after managers warned staff that the fire alarm was just a drill. Walmart claimed that the company was unaware that the factory was making their clothing, which begs a larger question about accountability in the global marketplace. The lengthy report includes interviews from survivors, families of the deceased, local fire officials, garment factory owners and others. The Associated Press also reports that this factory lost its fire safety certification in June, five months before the blaze.

Thailand’s Ex-PM — Thailand’s former Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva faces murder charges for his handling of the 2010 demonstrations calling for an election, reports Bloomberg. According to the Department of Special Investigation, prosecutors and police, Abhisit…

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