This is for the readers who asked for more pandas and fewer vivisected pigeons. It is Huamei, who is indeed as several people pointed out, U.S. born (hence the name: 中华 的 华, 美国的美). Lastly, a link to what is definitely going to be the last Panda post for a while, a video clip of Huamei which is a bit better than the previous and shows clearly the big wound on her scalp where she was bitten by a male while being encouraged to breed. With a reception like that I can see why she’d be reluctant…..Download file

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2 responses to “

  1. Whitney Durbin

    The #hashtraffic hashtags aren’t resolving for me, possibly :/

  2. Talisha Byun

    Excellent. I am in CA, and can seek them out simply because we usually like cost-free treats.

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