Golden jubilee celebrations: A rich display of our Ugandaness

The Kampala Post


Tradtional dancers perform during celebrations to mark Uganda’s 50th anniversary independence celebrations at Kololo ceremonial grounds

In the end, the 50th anniversary of Uganda’s independence from Great Britain stood out as a symbolism of what it is to be Ugandan. It was a feat that expressed Uganda’s innovations, inventions, myriad forms of advancement and various forms of celebration – the Ugandan way.

The golden jubilee was a symposium of the good, the beautiful, but also, a bit of the ugly, about Uganda. And the day’s weather set the pace to a truly colourful day. It sublimely mutated through patterns of meteorological beauty from the bright Vitamin D-rich early morning sunshine to a mid-morning cloudy feel, crowning it off with blessings of a light early-afternoon shower.

It vindicated why a Prime Minister of our former colonial masters, Sir Winston Churchhill, called our country the “Pearl-of-Africa.” The Independence Grounds at Kololo Airstrip started filling up at dawn with multitudes of Ugandans dressed in the black-yellow-red colour code…

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2 responses to “Golden jubilee celebrations: A rich display of our Ugandaness

  1. Margery Shingledecker

    Thank you all for your kind words. I’m able to not believe the response. Unquestionably astounding! I am in tears. I really hope to determine you all with the track. Clay

  2. Natalia Unvarsky

    if i have just signed up but I seriously would love to see a certain letter (Lorelei Lee’s) is there some put i am able to possibly view it or obtain a copy somehow?

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