Lessons from Superstorm Sandy


2 responses to “Lessons from Superstorm Sandy

  1. Hershel Minich

    Condi, a brilliant lady, brought up inside of a Christian residence, talented, experienced, bi-lingual and all but we have now reservations about her lean into the PalestiniansShe could well be the ideal choice for your winning ticket that is certainly fer shera virtual Cake Wander. But winning to the sake of winningWell, maybe from the case of finding rid of BO, that may be all that matters. A much better choice and also brilliant, Allen Westwhat Americans would love to seea Serious American (rather than a faux bro BO is with considerably less than 5% African blood) who does not waste words when it arrives to Muslims and would undoubtedly rake in a very great deal in the black voters.br /Star Parker could be terrific but would not have the notoriety yet. Thomas Sowell is obtaining up in yearsTaylor Haynes the next governor of Wyoming can be wonderful if he experienced nationwide exposure. Suitable now, only two Rice or West would place Romney during the winners circle. A Hispanic will not get the black vote, which can be most critical.

  2. Josephine Dolfi

    incredibly awesome. but remember the sunlight only will come from 1 direction. 5/5

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