Uganda Named Top Tourist Destination for 2013

The Kampala Post

KAMPALAUganda is among the top 20 global tourism destinations in the year 2013, according to the National Geographic. The National Geographic is an international travel channel affiliated to the National Geograpic Society.

Unlike the lonely planet, which named Uganda as the best travel destination for 2012, National Geographic listed Uganda among the top “new year’s 20 must-see places.”

“The pride of Uganda’s tourism lies in the undisturbed green nature that welcomes you the moment you land in Uganda whether by air, water, land or any means of transportation,” stated the National Geographic.

“Getting out of the city will be a rewarding experience with a variety of bird species, wildlife, and the rare mountain gorillas that have been ‘a hot cake’ to Uganda.”

This comes in the wake of tourism accolades being lavished on Uganda and also challenges such as protests under the banner of “walk to work”…

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2 responses to “Uganda Named Top Tourist Destination for 2013

  1. Herb Halseth

    That’s fine with me! Thanks for asking. Kay

  2. Zelma Mennig

    I recall some time back, I had been travelling, and casually wondered if I could come up using a form of Solitaire that could be played out with no a table just manipulating the cards in one and/or two stacks in my hands. It appeared that two stacks, additionally moving cards again and forth together with the thumb (major cards) or fingers (bottom cards), was the practical limit. These a Solitaire could supply some amusement for individuals travelling in public conveyances buses, trains, planes, etc. Naturally 1 could play electronic Solitaire on our ubiquitous electronic gadgets, but that’s beside the level.

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