A lot of holes in Adam Kalungi’s arrest


nuWell that story has a lot of holes. How far is Mombasa from Uganda? Are you telling us that these days someone can be arrested in Kenya and immediately handed over to Uganda or foreign authorities without a court hearing? If that is the case why has not Mr. Isabirye-of Mugoya construction-been returned to Ugandan to answer charges related to NSSF and Nsimbe. He is a free man walking the streets of Nairobi.

In other words the story is too good to be true. Yes Adam may have been arrested but most likely not from Mombasa. It seems he was in some safe house so the IGP chose to produce him in such dramatic fashion.

Show readers his pictures in Mombasa and his hand over by Kenyan police or Interpol. You take Ugandans for fools, do you? The burden of proof is on you to convince Ugandans that such a…

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10 responses to “A lot of holes in Adam Kalungi’s arrest

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