What’s in the Bag, Wuss? Gearing Up for the 2013 Consumer Electronics Show


The 2013 Consumer Electronics Show (hereby referred to simply as “CES”) is in full swing. Well, full swing for tech reporters. The actual show floor doesn’t open until Tuesday, but there’s a bunch of press-only stuff that goes on Sunday and Monday.

This is my sixth year at the show. I’m by no means a grizzled vet – some of the old-timers wistfully speak of CES back when it was split into a summer and winter show that took place in Chicago – but I’m grizzled enough to complain about not getting hazard pay (here’s what happened to me last year).

Anyway, I took the liberty of snapping a pre-flight photo of all the gear I’ll be carrying around with me while the show’s going on. From the upper-left corner to the lower-right corner, here’s what’s what (I’ll link to the actual products whenever possible):

Vizio Thin and…

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11 responses to “What’s in the Bag, Wuss? Gearing Up for the 2013 Consumer Electronics Show

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