Why Tablets, Hybrids and Convertibles Are Important to the PC Industry


There’s no question that the PC industry has taken a back seat to the tablet phenomenon. Many PC companies, with the exception of Apple, have not participated relevantly in the tablet discussion. Part of this is because many of them have been extremely focused on their core business, which is notebooks and desktops, but it is also due to the lack of a viable tablet platform. Android is doing well with 7-inch tablets and has had some success with 10-inch models due to Samsung’s efforts. Other than that, there are very few Android tablet volume success stories.

Many in the PC industry were waiting for Windows 8 to hopefully give them a fighting chance with tablets. It’s becoming clear, however, that Windows 8 is giving vendors an opportunity to invest and compete in an entirely new category with hybrids and convertible PCs.

(MORE:For What It’s Worth: Microsoft…

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