Halls or hostels?

Rehma Juma

What’s your take when it comes to choosing where to stay while studying at campus? Would you prefer to stay in the halls of residence at the institution, hostels or rentals? open up.


For three years, Ronald Ssemanda stayed at Nana hostel as he pursued his studies at Makerere University.

Everybody envied him. He had a self-contained room complete with Dstv and there was a shuttle to deliver him to campus for his lectures.

“When I was joining campus, I pestered my parents to pay for [a place in] Nana, which they did. I wanted to be special, but this status turned out to be a nightmare,” he recalls.

Although they happily paid for his accommodation, Ssemanda’s parents did not do the same when it came to upkeep. Soon Ssemanda wished he had stayed in the campus hall right from the first semester. But he had a status to keep.

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